Great Harvest Bread
If you traveled by time machine from last year, you may notice a few changes here at Great Harvest.  We are outside under the tent, we are keeping our distance, and we are no longer swiping your credit cards. Instead we have a chip reading device that you use.  One thing that I learned...
Here are a few activity and product suggestions if you are staying close to home this week or in the future:
  1. Grab some of our fresh milled wheat flour and learn how to bake bread at home
  2. Whole wheat pancake mix for a fun breakfast
  3. Items with a longer shelf life - grab and go bars, biscotti and...
The Epiphany or Little Christmas is observed on January 6 in many Christian churches.  This day has come to be known as “Kings Day”. 

Since the 300’s, the day has honored the meeting of the Three Wise Men with the infant Jesus.  King Cakes became part of the celebration to symbolize...