Great Harvest Bread
Who, What, Why - Great Harvest bread (Alexandria)
Welcome.  Please come by one of our bakeries, we would love to share some of our delicious breads or treats with you.

Our passion for great tasting, nutritious bread, and our desire to run a community-based business, led us to Great Harvest. Great Harvest bakeries have been making great bread for communities across the U.S. for over 30 years. You can check out our locations at the bakery locator.  Our Great Harvest looks like no other Great Harvest out there. We operate under a “Freedom Franchise.” The “Freedom” part means that we get to run our business in a way that serves the Alexandria and Arlington community, and keep some of the historical feel and neighborhood atmosphere. The “Franchise” part gives us access to the recipes and processes that Great Harvest has continuously improved for over three decades. The result is breads and goodies that will knock your socks off! 

The Alexandria/Arlington area has been home to Great Harvest for 21 years.  Megan grew up in Alexandria and since we were married over 10 years ago, we have called the Alexandria/Arlington neighborhood home.  Now we are raising our own girls in this area. 

During 2014 as we were trying to discern what was next for our family, we came across this opportunity and now we up to our elbows in dough. We’re excited to keep Great Harvest a part of Alexandria and serve our neighbors and friends.

Thanks for stopping by, we’re glad you came!   Check out the following video to learn more about how we make our bread.

~Brad and Megan Hurst