Great Harvest Bread
5 quick Great Harvest updates for August, hope you are enjoying your summer! 

1. Do NOT come to Great Harvest Alexandria on Monday (August 20) or Tuesday (August 21)! - We will be closed.  Please catch us on Wednesday, August 22nd, starting at 7:00am.  We would much rather greet you with a friendly smile and free slice than with a locked door. Email us, or leave us a message (703-671-8678) if you want us to hold something for you on Wednesday.

2. 25 Years! - We are delighted to be part of a long history of Great Harvest serving whole grain and delicous products to the Alexandria & Arlington neighborhoods.  To celebrate the 25 years, we are throwing an anniversary party, and want you to join us!  We will have great promotions starting Thursday (August 30) and concluding Saturday (September 1). The original owner of Great Harvest Alexandria will be kneading with us on Saturday morning, so come and say hi.  Also, keep sharing your stories with us, we love them!  Click here for our schedule and special deals.

3. Speaking of kneading, this is your chance... We will host a few anniversary kneading classes (limited space available), where you can learn how to knead and then use your skills to make your own bread or cinnamon rolls, it will be really fun!  Click here to sign up in a couple easy steps.  Classes are 30 minutes and held on Aug. 30, Aug. 31 and Sept 1. 

4. Love it or not, school starts up soon - We have some strong options to fuel you and your family for a great year.  The whole grain sandwich breads, of course, but we don't stop there.  Trek & harvest bars to natural peanut butters and local jams.  For a quick and healthy breakfast, select a whole grain bread for your toast or one of our fresh made granolas.

5. Whole Grain Corner - "Super Carbs" vs "carbage" - click here to see what Bob Harper is saying about whole grains