Great Harvest Bread
Even salt is complicated...
When you add salt to your meal or to a recipe, I bet you assume that you are getting just salt, some sodium (Na) and chloride (Cl).  It turns out that you are getting those, but some popular table salt brands also add some other things, including sugar, yikes.  Take a look at this article and see that even salt has some extra ingredients and can be highly processed too.  Since we like to use simple and natural ingredients, we made the switch to sea salt earlier this year.

Whole Grain Corner
As many of you probably know, one of the unique things about Great Harvest is the freshly milled whole wheat flour, that we mill almost every day in our Alexandria store.  The fresh milling makes the freshest and best tasting flour, and it is one of the reasons that we can get you the the most nutritious bread available in Alexandria and Arlington.  Below are a couple articles discussing the benefits of the whole grains, so you don't have to take our word for it.  When you visit, ask us which of our products contain our unique freshly milled whole wheat flour.