Great Harvest Bread
 Peanut Butter - Have you tried Homeplate Peanut Butter?  It is a great product and has good ingredients.  Here is their website (, stop by the bakery for your own jar to make delicious toast or sandwiches.

Grab and Go bars - Headed out for a hike or for a day on the go?  We have Harvest Bars and Trek Bars, both of which are hearty snacks made with several whole grains.

Whole Grains - We hear it all the time, something like "carbs are bad for you", or "I can't eat all those carbs."  What is sometimes a surprise to people is that most plants, including vegetables, grains and fruits are primarily carbohydrates.  Are these "carbs" bad for you?  Is it possible that the "carbs" may not be the problem, but it is the kind of carbs, or the quantity?  A lot of animals eat plant based diets (which are mostly carbs), when was the last time you said those horses really need to eat less carbs. 

Freshly milled whole wheat flour, and other whole grains, have a good mix of energy, vitamins, minerals and fiber.  So, instead of picking extra sugar or white flour treats when you want a snack, consider selecting a whole grain option (we have a few good ones...).

Then, the question becomes, what to do with all that extra energy? Reward yourself with a run or a walk outside, and put those good grains to work, good stuff!

Disclaimer - eating too matter the source, sugar, fat, carbs, even whole grains is bad for you!