Great Harvest Bread
Here are a few simple steps to keep your Great Harvest Bread fresh and delicious!

At Great Harvest, our yeast breads generally use honey, which is a natural sweeter.  Because honey crystalizes in the fridge, storing your bread in fridge will dry out the bread more quickly.  If you would like to save your bread for longer than 7-10 days (for cheesy and fruit breads, 3-5 days is best), you can put your loaf in the freezer.

Tea cakes, like pumpkin, merry berry, and frosted lemon can be stored on the counter for 3-5 days, or in the fridge to last longer. 

Also, make sure your bread bags are sealed after each use to keep them from drying out!

See below for the official Great Harvest tips on caring for your bread. If you ever have a question please send us an email ( or talk to us in the store.  Thank you.